Innovations for Water Management in the Global Drylands

hydrosolutions Ltd., a Swiss-based consulting company, develops and deploys innovative technologies for multi-scale water resources management. These range from the collection of non-traditional data through local involvement to planetary-scale remote sensing and state-of-the-art water balance modeling, including forecasting, for accounting and accountability and the definition of best management strategies and tradeoffs under a changing climate and increasing population pressure.


hydrosolutions Ltd. has a global focus with a large footprint in semi-arid and arid regions where the company has extensive experience in agricultural irrigation water management, among other things. Their solutions are modular, custom-tailored (co-designed with local stakeholders) and based on inter-operable web and mobile communication technologies, thus providing essential building blocks for modern Water Information Systems. This greatly help stakeholders in effective and sustainable resources management and planning with the goal to turn complex development challenges into opportunities for sustained growth.


Crop type mapping using remote sensing

hydrosolutions ltd. has developed different Google Earth Engine applications for the high-resolution mapping of crop types in the global drylands. The applications can be tailored to specific client needs. This allows for the effective monitoring of irrigation agriculture at large scales.  

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