riversCentralAsia Software Package Published

Our R package riversCentralAsia has gone through the review process of the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) and is now available as a new release from GitHub.

R is a free software environment for statistical computing. The riversCentralAsia R package contains functions for data pre- and postprocessing for hydrological modelling with RS MINERVE. RS MINERVE is a free hydrological and hydraulic modeling software simulating rainfall-runoff transformations and free surface flows. Our package allows the reading and writing of input and output files for RS MINERVE. It further includes functions for the analysis of discharge times series as typically provided by Central Asian Hydromet organisations and a wrapper for bias correction (using quantile mapping) of climate projections.  

For advanced users of RS MINERVE who wish to run the software in R we provide the GitHub repository RSMinerveR. This repository contains instructions and tutorials on how to interact with RS MINERVE in R (based on tutorials provided by CREALP).  

Our new software package was written conjointly with the open-source book on Hydrological Modelling in Semi-Arid Central Asia which describes in a very application-oriented manner a workflow for climate change impact studies on water availability in mountainous catchments in Central Asia (recently published in HESS Education and Communication).