Restoration of Tehran's River Valleys

hydrosolutions GmbH was invited by the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation to attend a workshop in Tehran, the capital of Iran, on the restoration of the city’s river valleys. The purpose of the workshop was to exchange experience on the regeneration of urban rivers from an environmental improvement point of view and for a better protection from floods. Although Tehran is a spring city, with more than ten river valleys running almost in parallel in the north-south direction, the rivers have been abandoned and encased in concrete. We visited several sites in Tehran where the municipality has initiated a recreational and ecological improvement of the river valleys. The Swiss delegation was then invited to provide a feedback to the municipalities’ strategic plan and to express our vision of nature-orientated urban river management. hydrosolutions GmbH presented the strategy for flood protection in Zurich and showed how flood modeling and flood hazard maps can provide a guideline for the rehabilitation of urban rivers.

View of a typical Tehran River section in the city.


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