Preprint of our Remote Sensing Study of a Fragile Sahelian Lake Available Online

The preprint of our new study “Unraveling the hydrology andsediment balance of an ungauged lake in the Sudano-Sahelian region of West Africa using remote sensing” is now available on the website of the journal Earth Surface Dynamics. The manuscript will now undergo a formal peer review prior to publication.

The paper presents a novel methodology to identify and quantitatively analyze deposition and erosion patterns in ephemeral ponds or in perennial lakes with strong water level fluctuations. We apply this method to unravel the water and sediment balance of Lac Wégnia, a designated RAMSAR site in Mali. The study can be a showcase for monitoring Sahelian lakes using remote sensing data, as it sheds light on the actual drivers of change in Sahelian lakes.


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