Innovations in Groundwater Management - Workshop in Tashkent

The innovative modelling and monitoring tools developed in the "Rehabilitation and management strategy for over-pumped aquifers under a changing climate" were presented to water professionals from Central and South Asia at a workshop in Tashkent. The goal of the workshop was to evaluate the out-scaling potential of the project outcomes to Central Asia and to South Asia. Though most methods and tools need to be adapted to local conditions, the out-scaling potential is significant due to similar climatic conditions and similar groundwater management issues in North China, Central Asia and in the north-west of India. The serious game “save the water” developed by Livio Lunin of ZHdK and Yu Li of ETH has been of special interest to the academic participants who plan to include it in their teaching. hydrosolutions showcased their work on mapping of irrigated area, statistical methods for forecasting river discharge, numerical groundwater flow modelling and data assimilation, the Guantao Irrigation Calculator and the discharge app.

The workshop was jointly organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan of Geology and Mineral Resources, the state enterprise Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (SE Institute HYDROENGEO), IWMI Central Asia, ETH Zurich and hydrosolutions GmbH. Funding was provided by SDC Beijing.


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