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With clients and their needs in the focus, hydrosolutions ltd. provides modular and strictly co-designed solutions for stakeholder decision-support in water resources. Our consulting services include technology that takes economic and institutional considerations into account. A particular focus is on using traditional and non-traditional data and for sharing and synthesising these in an optimal way that corresponds to the requirements of modern water information systems. Where required and feasible, we follow a strictly quantitative approach that takes into account inherent uncertainties with with regard to attainable knowledge of the status-quo and future dynamics of the resources under consideration. Our consulting services are informed be interdisciplinarity due to the fact that water challenges always exist at different technical, environmental and societal intersections, depending on existing contexts and realities.

Project Implementation

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Cautiously approaching the planning of water infrastructure projects while considering environmental, social and economic constraints is becoming increasingly important. hydrosolutions ltd. not only examines local habits and technologies but also takes into account fostering institutional and procedural structures that ensure maintenance and long-term operation of planned facilities. hydrosolutions ltd. provides backstopping and expert services in connection with the setup and implementation of existing programs and projects in the water domain with a focus on clients, their needs as well as the larger environment.

Training and Capacity Building

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hydrosolutions ltd. goal in capacity building is aimed at the dissemination of water knowledge through all possible means. Our experts work closely with local stakeholders for optimal advice on how to adopt solutions in an effective and lasting way. While most often the focus is on technical aspects, our long-term experience in working in different cultural and institutional contexts allows us to tailor requirements precisely to local needs.

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