Non-traditional Water Monitoring through Local Involvement [iMoMo Global]

Paucity of Water Data

Data for water resources management and planning are crucial. However, traditional water monitoring and management is too often a story of failures and inefficient investments. This greatly hampers any effort towards effective decision-support for integrated water resources management in places where pronounced resource scarcity, high variability in supplies and strong growth in water demand overlap with agency underfunding. The arid and semi-arid developing world regions rank here most prominently.

Low-cost and High-tech Crowd-Sensing

Monitoring through mobile crowd-sensing and local involvement can fill existing observation gaps. Non-traditional data can complement data from in-situ stations and remote sensing.

The iMoMo Project

The iMoMo Project was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation from 2012 through 2017. The project 

  • fostered innovation in low-cost, high-tech,non-traditional, people-centered observations and monitoring

  • focused on the modernisation of the pathways from observation to decision-support

While the experiences gathered during the project are applicable in other contexts, the key focus of the project was on measuring discharge in small rivers and canals with non-traditional methods for better water accounting and accountability on- and off-farm. 

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